What is ux4iot?

ux4iot is a tool for directly communicating with your IoT devices from your web frontend.

General architecture

IoTHub + Ux4iot + Frontend Architecture setup
With ux4iot your frontend gets access to Azure IoT Hub's communication primitives without having a custom-built backend middleware translating between IoT Hub and your user interface. No need to design a REST API so that your UI can offer IoT functionality.
The permission logic (which users can perform which actions on which devices) is separated out into a slim backend service that you provide. In this service you focus solely on the permission logic without dealing with any of the communication-related parts - those are handled by ux4iot.
ux4iot is deployed as a Managed Application in your Azure subscription. This means that you have your own dedicated instance of ux4iot and your IoT data does not leave your Azure subscription.
Last modified 5mo ago